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steps to avoid sabotaging your dating and relationship Success!
Perhaps you're exhausted of swiping, dating or relationships not working out?  Meeting the wrong men? Or you're fearful deep down of being hurt again, and possibly tell everyone you don't want a relationship? Maybe you're sabotaging your dating chances or relationship success (without realising)?  

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Thursday 7th April 2022, 8pm
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Join Me:

Thursday 19th May 2022
(GMT/BST London UK timezone)
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Join Me:

Thursday (dates being finalised) 2022
8pm GMT London time zone
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Before you start seriously dating 
discover what you need to know to significantly increase your 
success with the right man!
Take your dating approach to another level!
- Whether you are new to the dating scene 
-  Ready to find love after separation or divorce
-  Looking for love later in life
- Ready to settle down with your life-partner
- Want to find your soulmate to have a family with
- Or having dating difficulties

Your dating decision is the most critical decision you will make.  Get your answers, in advance of dating when you join me, Karen Marshall and REGISTER your spot today.  Are you are ready to transform your heart and life?

The partner you attract and decide to seriously date, will massively impact your heart, happiness and future, and your children too (if you have a family).  

BOOK your FREE Webinar today, to accelerate your results in love!

What's included: 
- The priceless communication insights, every woman needs to know....
- In advance of dating or feeling ready for another relationship 
- How a man is naturally wired to satisfy your deeper emotional needs (for long-term happiness and survival).
- What you could be doing to sabotage your relationship and dating success.  
-  How the proven, tried and tested 4 Step Find and Thrive approach will accelerate your dating and relationship success.

 This Webinar event is for you, if:       
-  You have already experienced heartache, and value your self-development.
- You are no longer prepared to settle for second best.  
- You want answers to quickly recognise your extraordinary special someone (in advance of dating).  
- To get your dating decision right next time, you need to take a different approach.
-  I will give you 20 years of my expertise so you no longer make the same mistakes (most women make).

Event Information:
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- The Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration.  

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Karen Marshall - From 
Qualified International Relationship Consultant, Expert, Coach, Wellbeing Expert (in the mind, body and energy). 
Transform your heart and life to Recognise, Attract and Build your most loving and extraordinary relationship that will thrive and survive. With 20 years experience.  Walking my talk to find my Mr Extraordinary, studying, researching the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them. I have combined my personal insights that work and professional expertise into a proven, tried and tested coaching approach to super-accelerate your heart and happiness if you are ready for different results in love!  

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Terms of your webinar booking.
This event is my gift to you! 
You will receive expert dating knowledge and advice at no charge.  (Normally I charge £125 for one hour's coaching).  
You will receive the pricless insights that took me 20 years to figure out, so you don't have to waste any more time or your life making the same mistakes to get it right next time.
Which woman do you know you can invite to come along too?
Karen’s Pioneering ‘Find Your Thriving Relationship’ Approach
Step 1
   Initial FREE Discovery Call. 

Step 2
Your Discovery Session.  You will massively shift your relationship awareness with 20 years of communication insights. 

Step 3
Ongoing coaching in your pocket for 24/7 motivation leading to real results.

Follow-up sessions will support your new habits and new direction. 

Who is Karen Marshall?
Your Relationship Survival Revolution expert, a visionary and an accredited Coaching Academy Relationship Coach, Relationship and Dating Expert, Consultant and Mentor.  Karen attracts mostly driven business women and leaders (also men who value their personal development and relationship survival).  Karen's unique approach offers her clients a toolkit to Recognise, Attract and Build a more loving and rewarding relationship that will thrive and surive.  

With relationship breakdown so high, let me help you to get it right now, to avoid divorce or separation. To also transform your dating to love pathway.  The clients I work with DON'T want therapy or Relate counselling, they want a solutions toolkit that Relate doesn't offer (only books to read).  If you want a refreshing professional toolkit, proven, tried and tested approach that works, come along to this event.  
With over 7 years of research and study into the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them, for over 13 years I considered myself a single business woman determined to get it right in love.  Walking my talk enabled me to recognise my Mr Extraordinary, the love of my life, I then had to attract to me. 

Today, Karen combines her professional qualified skills, expertise and personal relationship experience to discover what worked.  She will share her unique toolkit every woman needs to know.  It's a proven, tried and tested Find and Thrive coaching approach what works!  

Karen discovered exactly what works and doesn’t work making all the relationship mistakes most women make (without realising). Also experienced two significant relationships breaking down.  She discovered how to accelerate her results applying what she learned to recognise, attract and build her extraordinary thriving relationship following the secrets she discovered over 20 years of her personal journey walking her talk. 

I understand the steps required to attract a high value quality man, when I will share the secrets with you! 

Her Credentials
Working in marketing for 24 years, Karen then retained over 10 years as a qualified Wellbeing Practitioner only possible when she had met her Mr Extraordinary.  Dave supported me to follow my dreams, and my vision to transform millions of hearts and lives.  With my wellbeing knowledge in the mind, body and energy.  Walking her talk she achieved her dream that came true and continues to build her 14 year relationship, because she learned her toolkit in advance of dating.  She is truly the right professionally qualified relationship expert to get you the results you want too! 

Qualified as a Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Barbara Brennan Energy Healer (training over 3 years) energy psychology, inner child work and many healing techniques, Karen combines her empowering skills, knowledge and wisdom to help you strengthen your relationship success in a way you never imagined to be possible! 
Jo and Vanessa will share their unique experience below!  

Karen's Story  - I was 28 when I ended my first 11-year relationship believing someone else would make me happier. Any short-term relationships then didn’t last beyond 2 years. Meeting my Prince Charming at the age of 33, I believed he was right for me.  Instead he left me heartbroken.  The pain of my relationship breaking down, became my biggest gift and the catalyst that completely transformed my life to now help you transform your heart and life!

Today Karen shares her life, dreams and future with the love of her life. “I never thought I would get married or meet a man I truly loved who cherished me in a way I had never experienced before". 

I now share the most loving and rewarding relationship of my life  that completely transformed every area of my life.  Today I live the life I love and love the life I live.

Always work with an expert who has achieved the results in their life too. It's why I am the right qualified expert to super-accelerate your happiness if you value your self-worth, self-development and ready to do the work on yourself to attract your most loving relationship in your life.

5 Star Reviews for Karen’s Relationship Coaching
Find your missing ingredient!
I discovered some absolute gems working with Karen. Vanessa is now married to Jason the love of her life!
Vanessa – Consultant, Bucks
Transform your life!
Karen helped me realise my values were all wrong. Her knowledge about energy and communication really appealed. Overall the programme really exceeded my expectations!
Jo – Branding Specialist, London
Discover what’s important
Karen demonstrates a breadth of in-depth knowledge and draws on her extensive toolkit and experience, whilst being sensitive and understanding to your individual situation. 
Leila – Account Executive, Berks
Who Karen Works With
Karen works with mostly women, single or divorced a while, or considering separation.   

Most couples get help when it's too late, or one partner wants to leave the relationship.  To get your dating/relationship choice right, or you want to strengthen the relationship you share with your partner, I will tailor your toolkit right for you, whether you are: Single. Divorced a while. Or Considering Separation.  

Be warned. You are 98% more likely to repeat the same mistakes with someone else or a new relationship if you do what you have always done following the same patterns in love.

If you are not ready for another relationship and want to stay single while you heal your heart and life.  This is absolutely the right time to prepare yourself with the right knowledge in advance of being ready.  

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  • ​Very quickly you will understand what you need to do differently, or you will keep facing the same obstacles holding you back from the love you truly deserve.
  • ​​If you keep doing the same things you will get the same old results.  Now is the time to get different results!
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If you prefer to have a private conversation, let me know - What’s critical for you to get right NOW on your relationship journey? What’s going to happen in the future if you don’t get this handled? A personal call with Karen could change everything. 
Tell her below your biggest challenge right now, leaving her your contact details to get in touch.

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